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"saucy, provocative

and captivating"






LULALONG is a singer/songwriter whose music blends indie rock with her Catalan roots, "delivering a completely unique, pink-haired, punk rock, pop sensation energy" (Femme Forte).

Born and raised in Barcelona, at eighteen she decided to move to London and never looked back. After finding her place in the big city by busking during the day and serving margaritas at night, she released her debut single Black Vespa in 2019, followed by her first EP Lovers I Don't Love: a concept album about falling in (and out) of love in a big city and everything that comes with it.

In April 2020 LULALONG released her sexy single Goddess, a record filled with lust and a strong queer narrative.

She plays live with Tosh Mihalev, Umar Ganai, Kieran Fergusson and Calum Lockie; they are currently busy recording new music, due to be released in mid 2021.

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Tosh has been playing drums and percussion since he was 10; he likes playing rock, funk, reggae and ska. He listens to pretty much everything, but some of his inspirations are Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Anderson .Paak, Arctic Monkeys, System of a Down and many more.


In his free time he likes to travel and visit new places, as well as going to gigs. His biggest passion besides music is adrenaline sports. He loves riding his bike on track days every now and then, to get that adrenaline dose he can only get on stage otherwise.


Fun fact about him: Once he managed to break his arm without realising and continued partying.


Umar has been playing guitar since he was 9 years old. Jimi Hendrix was his biggest inspiration as a teenager; however, in more recent years he started listening to Jeff Buckley’s music and was subsequently inspired to start singing. He loves composing, songwriting and playing in hot, crowded venues with cool stage lighting.

When he is not doing music he likes to keep fit, having competed in boxing and football. At present he is currently training for his first Brazilian JiuJitsu tournament. Music is his bae.


Fun fact about him: One of his front teeth is fake, someone accidentally punched half his tooth out in a boxing drill

bwWhatsApp Image 2020-03-16 at 12.05.17.

Calum has been playing guitar for 8 years now within a variety of genres. His favourite bands are Iron Maiden, Nirvana, The Beach Boys and Tijuana Panthers.


Outside of music, he really loves art and football.


He is a big fan of Japanese traditional art and Salvador Dalí. He also used to play semi-professional football for Everton FC in Kuwait, where he lived for 5 years.


Fun fact about him: While sustaining no injuries, technically he has been shot in the head while working at a clay pigeon shooting range.

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Kieran recently moved to London to pursue his music career. He has been playing for about 4 years now in a variety of genres, but rock music has his heart. His favourite bands are Queens of the Stone Age, Foo Fighters and Royal Blood. These guys are his idols and he aspires to be at least half as good as them.

He is also a massive football fan and loves Celtic F.C, who according to him are the greatest team on earth. He is also a big comic book fan, in particular Batman comics because let’s be honest… he’s the coolest.


Fun fact about him: Once he accidentally joined Extinction Rebellion because he thought it was an outside bar.



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long live lulalong (+Darcy blu and jaz kutassy)

30th of november · nambucca (London, uk)

your last chance to experience LULALONG live

and the biggest, wildest gig we've ever played

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